Kalesnikoff Mass Timber

Scope of Work: 

This was one of the most exciting projects of 2022 for our Team. Being invited to be a part of the KMT team for the assembly of the 18,000 ft2 shop addition was a huge honour. Beam Craft mass timber installers worked in tandem with the KMT shop carpenters as the 24m hybrid heavy timber trusses were ground built and then installed to create the roof of the new shop space.  Cross Laminated Timber panels were used for the exterior walls.  

Mass Timber products such as glulam timber and CLT are highlighted in their production shop and show the viability of this approach in an industrial application.

Project Facts

Castlegar, B.C.


Kalesnikoff Mass Timber

TKA + D Architecture & Design, WHM Structural Engineers

British Columbia