Garth Worthington K-9 School

Scope of Work:

    • Design assist, supply and installation of Glulaminated Timber Panel (GLT) bleacher stairs

Beam Craft enjoyed working with the IPD team as a sub-contractor for this smaller scope of work on the Garth Worthington K-9 School.  Collaborative contracts are a natural fit for Beam Craft DNA.  

Western Archrib of Edmonton supplied an architectural grade spruce GLT billet package to Beam Craft which we machined offsite, pre-assembled and pre-coated as per client specifications.  The team goal was to reduce site time, dust and site staining as these stairs are near the end of the project.  Mission accomplished!  

Thanks to local crane supplier, Myshak Rentals for setting us up with an electric Spyder Crane, which was perfect for this install. 

Project Facts

Chappelle, Edmonton, AB


Chandos IPD Team / Edmonton Public Schools

Group 2 / Entuitive